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There’s something so charming about Fayetteville, West Virginia, the small town that sits on the rim of the New River Gorge. Sure, the forest that surrounds Fayetteville is enchanting (so enchanting that the National Park Service purchased 70,000 acres in the 1980s to create a National River), but the small town itself has a lot […]

One half of the duo that owns Happy Tree Coffee, Meghan McCool, is related to one half of the duo that owns Lafayette Flats, Amy McLaughlin. Meghan’s grandmother, Annabel Day, and Amy’s grandmother, Louise Johnson, are sisters. Both ladies know a thing or two about coffee. Annabel would happily start up her percolator when her […]

Seasons change subtly in Fayetteville. Or perhaps we should say, people in Fayetteville change subtly with the seasons. From the windows of Lafayette Flats we have a unique perspective on these changes. We have a bird’s eye view of Waterstone Outdoors, New River Bikes, and a long view down Court Street to the visitor’s center. […]

171 N. Court Street
Fayetteville, WV 25840