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It’s what we live for. Really. A word cloud made up from our guest’s comments We love it when our guests are blown away with what they find at Lafayette Flats, and we love it when they tell us about it either in person or in reviews left online. We love it when people recognize […]

Lafayette Flats’ official Historian, Carl McLaughlin, has been researching the history of our building and in this entry, he looks at the Bank of Fayette (for which our building was originally build to house) and one of its key employees. The Bank of Fayette moved into the Malcolm Building (today’s Lafayette Flats) in 1906.  Joseph […]

More from Lafayette Flat official historian, Carl McLaughlin: As mentioned in my first blog entry, Antonio Gros Janutolo was awarded the contract for the building of the “Stone Building” (Lafayette Flats) by Dr. M.M. Malcolm in August 1904. Antonio began his life in America as an immigrant Italian but became a naturalized citizen in September […]

Even though we generated and received many great ideas, we have struggled with naming the flats. Old mine town names felt too lonely; local celebrity names already garner plenty of attention; and names of natural elements don’t quite capture the spirit of the Gorge. In an effort to respect the past while looking toward the […]

Carl McLaughlin, the official historian of Lafayette Flats, with owners Shawn and Amy. Editor’s Note: Amy’s dad, Carl McLaughlin, is the official historian of Lafayette Flats. While Carl has a Master’s Degree in Counseling, his Bachelor’s Degree is in History from West Virginia Institute of Technology. He recently retired from a career in the Juvenile Probation Department […]

When we developed the business plan for Lafayette Flats, in and amongst all of the financial and marketing information, we included this philosophical element: “West Virginians are a hospitable people who are fiercely proud of their history and culture. Lafayette Flats will communicate these traits through its business practices: Extremely hospitable and eager to provide […]

Shawn – The Lafayette Flats building is a beautiful example of early twentieth century cut stone construction. It is not stone veneer; the walls are over a foot thick and made of only stone and cement. This more than anything else is what drew me to the building. Stone is in my blood. Almost literally. […]

We admit, the name is curious and it probably deserves some explanation. The last one first – “Flats” We felt like the term “flat” described our rentals better than the word “apartment.” Americans usually think of flats as somewhere English people in the movies live – maybe a little more exotic-sounding than “apartments.” We liked […]

Young Amy playing in the original Lafayette.

Lafayette Flats began with our simple desire to get out of town. We love our home in Charleston’s East End but we really like to travel. We found out early in our relationship that we travel together well and we love to do it as often as we can. We love taking weekend driving trips […]

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