Mushroom hunter and Lafayette Flats co-owner, Shawn Means designed this basket with the help of West Virginia artisans, Judy and Mike McDade. The basket is approximately 9"W x 16" L x 15" T. An indention on one side prevents the basket from bouncing off your leg while hiking, and allows it to be held closer to the body in a thicket. A longitudinally oriented handle allows the basket to be held in a natural arm and hand position. The basket has a wide flat bottom so it can sit on the sloped ground without falling over.

Read more about this basket and our love of mushroom hunting here

THE Features

The Artisan Mushroom Basket

1. The strong wooden handle is wrapped to provide a more comfortable grip.

2. An open weave bottom to allow mushroom spores to disperse as you walk through the forest.

3.Black walnut dye on this all-natural basket to ensure food safety.

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