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Three West Virginia Artists Awarded: You Pick the 4th!

June 27, 2019

The David L. Dickirson Best in Show Award – “Apple Butter Time” oil painting by WV Artist Michael Teel

The David L. Dickirson Best in Show Award – “Apple Butter Time” Michael Teel

West Virginia Artists Featured in Tamarack’s Annual Juried Exhibition

Tamarack currently has works from many exceptional West Virginia artists on display in the 11th annual Best of West Virginia Juried Exhibition.

The exhibit in the David L. Dickirson Fine Arts Gallery runs from June 15 – August 4, 2019. The show features the work of 80 artists from around the state in a wide variety of media and subject matter.

This annual show is the only exhibition that all West Virginia artists may apply to enter. Tamarack’s other shows throughout the year feature the work of Tamarack artisans only.

The participants, as well as three award winners, were chosen by qualified jurists from out-of-state.

And the Awards Go To…

We were lucky enough to attend the opening reception on Saturday, June 22 where we were able to meet several of the artists and see their work up close before the awards ceremony.

The following awards were presented:

The David L. Dickirson Best in Show Award – “Apple Butter Time” oil painting by Michael Teel

2nd Place – “Oh, Where is My Leopard-skin Pillbox” ceramic sculpture by S. Roshanna Rothberg

3rd Place – “Evolution No. 2” maple wood sculpture by Bruce Fransen

Lafayette Flats is proud to be the sponsor of the People’s Choice Award, which will be presented at the conclusion of the show after all the votes have been tabulated from show attendees.

Make sure to vote for your favorite work when you visit. The People’s Choice award winner gets a three-night stay at Lafayette Flats Boutique Vacation Rentals!

Tamarack is conveniently located off the WV Turnpike in Beckley and its David L. Dickirson Fine Arts Gallery is open daily from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm.

We Put Our Money Where Our Heart Is: With West Virginia Artists

Seven years ago, we created a business plan for Lafayette Flats that included an art fund to support of West Virginia artists with proceeds from our vacation rental business. ⠀

For the past six years, we’ve done this by hosting an annual creative residency program and by regularly purchasing original WV art to add to our collection. ⠀

This year, we are expanding our support by donating to a few of our favorite West Virginia art organizations. Because Tamarack is so important to West Virginia, and specifically Southern West Virginia, we are sponsoring The People’s Choice award for the annual Best of West Virginia Juried Exhibition. ⠀

West Virginia Artists Featured at Tamarack and at Lafayette Flats

There are more than 100 pieces of original art by West Virginia artists gracing the walls of Lafayette Flats. Six of the artists with work in our current collection are also represented in “Best of West Virginia Open Juried Exhibit” at Tamarack.

Dick Allowatt

In our third-floor gallery is a very special piece entitled, “Creed” by our friend, Dick Allowatt. An exceptional graphic designer by trade, Dick started sharing his found object collage art with public (lucky us!) around 2007 to much critical acclaim. We purchased “Creed” at a Habitat for Humanity art auction in 2008.

Ginger Danz

Ginger Danz is a beloved Fayetteville artist for good reason. Her personality is as wonderful as her artwork. Many of Ginger’s pieces are scattered throughout Lafayette Flats, but our favorite resides in Flat No. 2, Quinnimont. We purchased “Moonlit” the very first time we met Ginger, during one of our first trips together to Fayetteville at the Fayetteville Arts Collation’s shop above Secret Sandwich Society that is now The Grove. That early experience with Ginger is just one of the many reasons we fell in love with Fayetteville and started our plan to create Lafayette Flats.

Chris Dutch

The talent of our dear friend Chris Dutch cannot be overstated. His work with stained glass is amazing and showcased in many prominent buildings throughout West Virginia, including Tamarack. Chris designed and created the stained-glass transoms above the entryways to all four of our flats. Each is an interpretation of the flat name (he nailed it!), and each contains the organic shapes and unique flow for which he is known.

Melvin Hartley

At this past February’s “Meet the Makers” event at The Station, we were lucky enough to meet Melvin Hartley. Melvin is a skilled landscape photographer, and two of his gorgeous photos of the New River Gorge hang in Lafayette Flats. But we were excited to meet Malvin for another reason; in 2016 he was the first person to complete the 100-mile challenge extended by the New River Gorge National River. He finished in one week! It took us 11 months.

David Pittenger

At Huntington Museum of Art’s first art auction in 2017, we picked up a detailed photo of autumn leaves by David Pittenger that now hangs in Flat No. 2, Corten. “Fauxgram 12” had been previously displayed in Tamarack’s 2017 show, “Art and Science: Humanity’s Intersection.”

Robert Villamagna

Two works by Robert Villamagna were gifted to us from our art benefactors, Mark Tobin Moore and Donna Whitten. Both hang in Lafayette Flats’ third-floor gallery. The pieces we own are very different from the style he is known for today. They both contain found objects, but not the tin he uses now almost exclusively. “Police Blotter Dog” is a painting on an old handwritten Pittsburg Police blotter and “Fragile” contains shards from porcelain blue plates.

Cast Your Vote for the People’s Choice Award

The West Virginia art on display in this annual show is worth the drive. Like all shows at Tamarack, all of the work is for sale. Several pieces in our collection have come from Tamarack.

Former West Virginia Governor Gaston Caperton – the driving force behind Tamarack’s creation in the mid-1990s – purchased several pieces from this year’s Best of West Virginia open Juried Exhibition to add to his collection, and others seem to be going fast as well.

But even if you ‘re not a collector, you can still go vote for your favorite to support the outstanding work of our West Virginia artists.

We’ll update this post at the end of the show after the People Choice Award has been announced and we prepare to host the winner. To stay in the loop, sign up for our email list.


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