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Lafayette Flats
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The primary benefit of the residency is the use of an award-winning vacation rental as a private residence and working space. The luxurious flat is fully furnished, beautifully decorated and filled with original West Virginia contemporary art. 

The secondary benefit is the opportunity to live and work among other creative people which presents opportunity for inspiration and/or collaboration.

Fayetteville, a bustling tourist destination from May-October, turns into a sleepy small town in the winter and will provide the creative with a relaxed pace of life and opportunities for interaction with the diverse and eclectic people who make their home here. The adjacent New River Gorge National Park provides room to roam and opportunities to commune with nature in one of the most beautiful areas of the United States.

New River Gorge
Creative Community-in-Residence
at Lafayette Flats

Application deadline is November 1, 2022. Finalists will be notified by November 15 and interviewed via teleconferencing. Final selections will be announced by December 1

Anyone may apply for the Residency, but special consideration will be given to individuals from a community that experiences marginalization and creative people living in Braxton, Boone, Clay, Fayette, Kanawha, Lincoln, Logan, McDowell, Mercer, Mingo, Nicholas, Wayne, Webster and Wyoming counties in West Virginia.

Please forward this completed application form along with a CV of no more than 4 pages to:

Letters of recommendation should also be sent to directly from the individual providing the recommendation. The applicant's name should be included in the subject line of the recommendation email. A telephone interview will be conducted with the references of the candidates under consideration.

2015 - Eric Shonkwiler

2016 - Mary Ann Henry

2017 - Kathleen M. Jacobs

2018 - Wendy Welch

2019 - Rosalie Haizlett, Matt Browning

2020 - Carly Thaw, Kimberly Trathen

2021 - Jessica Sands, Amy Pabst

2022 - Michele Sons, L.Renee, Nevada Tribble

It is our desire to support the development of creative people by providing a unique opportunity for three or four creative people to live and work on artistic projects at Lafayette Flats Boutique Vacation Rentals in Fayetteville, WV during the month of March. The creatives may use this time and space to develop their skills, to devote time to a particular project, and optionally collaborate on projects with other creatives-in-residence.

The completed application. 

A CV of no more than 4 pages.

Two current letters of recommendation for the residency submitted by your references.

Complete applications should be emailed to by November 1. 

A complete application includes the following documents

Creating a fresh narrative for West Virginia

The creatives will live on site the entire time of the residency, which shall be March 1 through March 31, 2023.

Each creative will have a private flat (living space, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom) in which to live and work.

This residency is designed to be a month-long working retreat; frequent absences and visitations are discouraged. Parties or gatherings are prohibited.

Each creative will be asked to provide one short essay to the owners reflecting on his or her experience during the residency. The essay will be shared as a blog post on and may also be shared with the Tamarack Foundation for the Arts for promotional use.

Each creative will be required to place a $250 refundable security deposit prior to check-in, but otherwise will live and work rent-free for the duration of the residency.

The creatives will be responsible for all other living costs during the residency. No meals or other necessities will be provided. There are laundry facilities on site.


Past Creatives in Residence

For this residency, creatives are defined as writers and visual artists. We are looking for people who are interested in contemporary Appalachia and people who possess a willingness to help craft its fresh narrative. The successful candidate will be a person of integrity who can be entrusted with the Lafayette Flats building and its contents.

Benefits of Residency



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