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Our guests have called it mountain top magic, small town charm, and “that Fayetteville vibe.” All we know for sure is that It brings out the best in people. Without a doubt, it brings out the best in us. 

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Fayetteville is known for its great restaurants and delicious food. Get all the details on our favorite culinary hot spots in this info-packed guide.

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If you are looking for a great place to stay that is unique and close to all the major attractions in the New River Gorge National Park, then Lafayette Flats Boutique Vacation Rentals is it!

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Our recent adventures in this magical place called the New River Gorge

Lafayette Flats Blog

As West Virginia Master Naturalists and avid hikers, we often traveled from our home in Charleston, WV to the New River Gorge to explore and connect with nature. We’d finish an adventurous day of waterfall chasing or mushroom hunting with a delicious meal from one of Fayetteville’s wonderful restaurants and then we’d reluctantly make the hour-long drive home.

We always wanted to stick around, relax after dinner and spend the night, but we’d grown accustomed to the creature comforts of home – things we just couldn’t find in the area’s cabins or hotels. We thought about buying a house to use when we could and rent when we couldn’t, but we just got more and more excited about sharing the West Virginia we know, the real West Virginia, with guests from all over the world.

Then we saw this big ol’ building right in the heart of Fayetteville and fell in love with its history, convenience and beauty. It was constructed from New River Gorge sandstone in 1904 to be the Bank of Fayette. By the time we acquired it, the interior was in pretty bad shape from years of neglect. But we started thinking bigger, bought the building, and dove headfirst into a massive remodel.

We spent 2013 renovating this historic building to create Lafayette Flats Boutique Vacation Rentals and opened for the business at the beginning of the 2014 tourist season. We like to say that we cater to curious travelers – couples who enjoy the cultural details in Lafayette Flats and appreciate our proximity to the small-town charm of Fayetteville and the beauty of the New River Gorge, both of which are just right outside our front door.

Meet Your Guides: Amy & Shawn

171 N. Court Street
Fayetteville, WV 25840
(304) 900-3301

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