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New River Gorge Photo Location Guide

Top 5 Spots to Get the Shot! 

Our vacation rental guests often ask where they should go to find the best, most inspiring view of the New River Gorge National Park.

There are a lot of good answers to that question. In fact, it was the breath-taking beauty of this place that inspired us to open Lafayette Flats Boutique Vacation Rentals back in 2014.

But in our ongoing quest to be great hosts, we sat down and came up with the top 5 spots to get the shot in the New River Gorge National Park. Then we turned our list into an info-packed guide which we are offering to you today, free of charge!

New River Gorge National Park

There are even more beautiful locations to explore outside the boundaries of the National Park. Babcock State Park, Summersville Lake, and Hawk's Nest State Park just to name a few. 

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We truly love this place and get an immeasurable amount of joy from sharing our beautiful home state with visitors like you. 

More Beauty Outside the Park

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