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There are 100+ miles of gorgeous hiking trails in the New River Gorge, but finding the perfect one FOR YOU can be challenging. 

The results page also contains all the planning info you need including links to the National Park Service's current road and trail closure announcements. 

This quick quiz will match you with the best trail for your hiking adventure.


Which New River Gorge National Park Hiking Trail is Right for YOU?

Hi. We are Amy & Shawn, the owners of Lafayette Flats Boutique Vacation Rentals in Fayetteville, WV - the heart of the New River Gorge National Park. 

As WV Master Naturalists and avid hikers, we often travel from our home in Charleston, WV to the New River Gorge to explore and connect with nature. Lafayette Flats is our home-away-from-home that we share with other curious travelers and true explorers. 

About Us

At Lafayette Flats, we offer the modern design of a boutique hotel with the privacy and local flavor of a vacation rental.

Our efficient booking process, high cleaning standards and luxurious amenities are what you’d find in an upscale hotel, but we have no front desk to slow you down and you can relax without the daily intrusion of cleaning staff.

Our downtown Fayetteville, WV location allows you to park your car and forget it. Lafayette Flats is within walking distance of almost everything.

Lafayette Flats

171 N. Court Street
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