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2017 Art Fund Purchase

June 2, 2017

Lotus Rising
Lotus Rising

Since part of Lafayette Flats’ business plan is to promote local West Virginia art, each year we dedicate a portion of its vacation rental income to a fund that is used to buy a new piece for our guests to enjoy.  (You can read more about this component of our business plan here.)

For this year’s purchase, we chose a mixed media painting by our Fayetteville friend and Tamarack Artisan, Meredith Gregg. “Lotus Rising,” one of Meredith’s 2016 works, now hangs in Flat #4, Eddy.

Meredith is best known for the beautiful landscape paintings she creates of the New River Gorge, her adopted home of more than 20 years. She shares a Fayetteville studio with another great local artist, Ginger Danz, and she teaches painting at the Fayetteville Arts Coalition’s Creative Juices.

We choose “Lotus Rising” as the 2017 Lafayette Flats Art Fund purchase after learning of Meredith’s commitment to achieving a deeper understanding of yoga and witnessing her ability to translate that desire into visual art.

In 2012, after many years of practicing yoga, Meredith completed teacher training and now teaches the fundamentals of Ashaya Yoga – the alignment of the mind, body and spirit in a supportive environment– at Fayetteville’s community yoga studio, Kula.

Meredith Gregg, Artist

In her yoga practice, Meredith found herself drawn to mandalas: symbolic representations of the universe. These geometric figures are often used to focus attention during meditation. The practice of creating and utilizing mandalas dates back thousands of years in Hinduism and Buddhism.

Meredith decided to combine her love of yoga and art into a series of mixed media paintings she calls Spirited Art. We saw her April 2017 show of the same name at The Grove and fell in love with her modern spin on this ancient tradition.


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