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One half of the duo that owns Happy Tree Coffee – Meghan McCool – is related to one half of the duo that owns Lafayette Flats – Amy McLaughlin. Meghan’s grandmother, Annabel Day, and Amy’s grandmother, Louise Johnson, are sisters. Both Annabel and Louise know a thing or two about coffee. Annabel always fired up […]

It’s what we live for. Really. A word cloud made up from our guest’s comments We love it when our guests are blown away with what they find at Lafayette Flats, and we love it when they tell us about it either in person or in reviews left online. We love it when people recognize […]

Here is a picture of Lafayette Flats’ mascot, a green Peregrine Falcon. How it came to be our mascot is a bit of a long story, but we think it’s amusing. Our Mascot, the Peregrine Falcon (or is it a “Pear Green Falcon”?) First, you might ask, why do we need a mascot? The simple […]

On June 21 of last year, at 11:00 AM, we closed on our building. After a quick lunch we went back to the building, changed into work clothes and began the hard, dirty work of renovation that consumed virtually our every waking, non-vocational hour for the next nine and a half months. Since our open […]

We’re so glad to have put away all of the big, heavy and noisy tools in favor of paintbrushes and finishing nails. We have one more dust-creating task ahead of us: the installation of the laminate flooring in Corten scheduled for Friday. After that it, it is time to install fixtures, touch up paint and […]

We have (finally!) set the date for our open house: Sunday April 6 from 1:00 until 5:00. We are so very hopeful that all of the folks who have followed us on this blog and on Facebook will join us that day to help us celebrate our project’s completion. Over the next few weeks we […]

Construction is ongoing, but the third floor and major portions of the second floor are nearly done. Here are a few before and after photos of some of the areas where work is complete. Before and after views of the 3rd floor hallway where the entry to Quinnimont (Flat 3) is now located. Eddy’s (Flat […]

Looking back at some of our “before” photos, we were struck at some of the major changes that have taken place over the past 6 months. This photo in particular evokes strong feelings for us. This old electrical system competed for room in the narrow stairwell that serves as Lafayette Flats main entrance. The former […]

  Old, new and restored woodwork can all be seen in this picture. As we have worked on Lafayette Flats these past many months, it has been a great pleasure to have visitors drop by to share with us stories from the building’s past. We were first fascinated by the stories of the Italian stone […]

Lafayette Flats’ official Historian, Carl McLaughlin, has been researching the history of our building and in this entry, he looks at the Bank of Fayette (for which our building was originally build to house) and one of its key employees. The Bank of Fayette moved into the Malcolm Building (today’s Lafayette Flats) in 1906.  Joseph […]

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