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May marked the one-year anniversary of the opening of Lafayette Flats. As we begin our second year of welcoming visitors to Fayetteville, we are thrilled that some of last year’s guests have already booked their flats for this summer, and that we continue to receive nothing but 5-star reviews from each and every guest that […]

Here is a picture of Lafayette Flats’ mascot, a green Peregrine Falcon. How it came to be our mascot is a bit of a long story, but we think it’s amusing. Our Mascot, the Peregrine Falcon (or is it a “Pear Green Falcon”?) First, you might ask, why do we need a mascot? The simple […]

Naming Lafayette Flats came easy to us, but we’ve struggled with naming the individual flats. Old mine town names felt too lonely; local celebrity names already garner plenty of attention, and names of natural elements don’t quite capture the spirit of the Gorge. In an effort to respect the past while looking toward the future, […]

Flat No. 2, Corten

We hear it all the time. Friends who maybe have caught a whiff of Lafayette Flats on our personal Facebook pages often don’t grasp the concept. After running into yet another of these friends last night, we decided to write a post that explains vacation rentals in general, and how ours will work particularly: First, the […]

Last month we promised an update on the local artist and art collector’s offer to help us cover the walls of Lafayette Flats with original, local art, and here it is: Mark Tobin Moore Mark Tobin Moore and his wife Donna Whitten have become friends of the highest order to Lafayette Flats, and by extension to all […]

The most amazing thing happened; a truly extraordinary act of benevolence that will benefit many people. We were approached by a friend who is an artist, an art professor and collector of local West Virginia art. He told us that he has far too much art in his collection to display in his home and he is […]

When we developed the business plan for Lafayette Flats, in and amongst all of the financial and marketing information, we included this philosophical element: “West Virginians are a hospitable people who are fiercely proud of their history and culture. Lafayette Flats will communicate these traits through its business practices: Extremely hospitable and eager to provide […]

Looking back on the New River from the Endless Wall.

It seems like a lot longer, but two months and eight days after we made an offer on the building, it is finally ours. We closed this morning and after treating our lawyer to a “thank you” lunch at Chetty’s, we spent the rest of the day measuring and having our first opportunity to get close […]

Amy’s dad, Carl, is fast becoming the official historian of Lafayette Flats. One of the neat things he dug up was this newspaper article from 1904. Among other things, the article says that the building was going to be finished by October 1 of that year. Another article he found – from October – said that […]

Newspaper Article

“Local, original art will be a key design feature of Lafayette Flats.” This was one of our very first thoughts when we began dreaming up plans for Lafayette Flats Boutique Vacation Rentals. We want to have lots of locally created art in the space because we both love art, and we want visitors to take away […]

West Virginia Art

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