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What Exactly is a Boutique Vacation Rental?

July 28, 2021

In 2013, when we began renovating the building that is now home to Lafayette Flats, vacation rentals were starting to really take off. But the idea of having several in one building was a complete novelty.⁠

We found ourselves in need of a quick way to accurately communicate what we were creating. Was it just another vacation rental? No. Was it a boutique hotel? Nope, not that either.⁠

So, we came up with the term “boutique vacation rental.” It seemed to capture the idea: Lafayette Flats shares many similarities with both boutique hotels AND vacation rentals.⁠

Boutique Vacation Rental Guest Review

Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels have all the same offerings as larger chain hotels but provide a more intimate, uniquely styled atmosphere. Lafayette Flats Boutique Vacation Rentals shares these characteristics with boutique hotels:

  • ⁠Lafayette Flats is a collection of multiple units housed within one historic building. When we renovated, we created four individual spaces. Each has its own heating & cooling system and its own hot water tank. ⁠
  • The architecture and interior design of Lafayette Flats is unique, combining historic details with quirky elegance.
  • Like almost all boutique hotels, Lafayette Flats is in a walkable, urban location. ⁠It’s close to other locally owned small businesses.
  • ⁠All cleaning and laundry services at Lafayette Flats are done by professionals. We have VERY high standards and conduct multi-layered inspections which ensures great attention to detail.
  • ⁠We offer high-quality amenities including toiletries, linens, towels and ⁠gourmet locally roasted coffee.


Lafayette Flats Boutique Vacation Rentals Review

Vacation Rental

Vacation rentals are typically furnished houses or condos owned by private individuals but rented out to travelers on a short-term basis. Lafayette Flats Boutique Vacation Rentals shares these characteristics with vacation rentals:

  • There is no front desk to slow guests down and they can relax without the daily intrusion of cleaning staff. Like other vacation rentals, we offer a great deal more privacy than hotels.
  • ⁠Our guests can book online at their convenience. We use a well-known and respected vacation rental platform – – for calendar/reservation services and payment processing.
  • We cater to travelers who share in the joy and responsibility of caring for this unique home-away-from-home. ⁠ We present a beautiful, clean and comfortable space to our guests and expect care and consideration in return.
  • Each flat is intimate, unique and personalized with its own creative design and color palette. ⁠We’ve meticulously curated this home-away-from-home to include everything you need to feel welcome, comfortable, and inspired. ⁠
  • We are deeply rooted in our sense of place. The West Virginia heritage we share is reflected in our décor, and we use locally sourced materials when we can. In fact, we filled the entire building with cultural enrichment opportunities for our guests, from the original local art to the library of West Virginia literature.


Guest Review of Boutique Vacation Rental

The Je Ne Sais Quoi of Lafayette Flats

Lafayette Flats is not just a place where people check in and check out. It’s a fixture of Fayetteville and the New River Gorge. We take great pride in being part of this very special place and love finding ways to contribute to its contemporary culture, like Installing public art, participating in local events and hosting the annual New River Gorge Creative Residency.

Our guests have told us that staying here evokes a special feeling. They say Lafayette Flats has a quality that cannot be described or named easily. It’s different, memorable, and greater than the sum of its parts.

We love hearing that, and we have a theory as to why that feeling exists: a lot of love and care has been poured into Lafayette Flats Boutique Vacation Rentals. Come for visit and experience it for yourself.

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