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Construction Update November 11

November 11, 2013

Filed in: The Renovation

As the Beatles once sang, it’s getting better all the time.

Quinnimont (Flat 3), as reported last time, is completely done other than some trim work and flooring. That hasn’t stopped Amy from proceeding with decorating work and placing some furniture, especially in the bedroom. This is good because we are making the commute to and from Charleston most days so we can burn the midnight oil on construction details each evening. It’s nice to have a well-appointed place to bunk.

Nuttall (Flat 1) will be painted this week. A few pieces of trim and it will be ready to set fixtures.

Eddy (Flat 4) is getting its final electrical touches soon and will be ready to paint by the end of the week.

Corten (Flat 2) is currently serving as a construction shop and is still a real mess. Since the plumbing for Flat 4 has to come though its walls, expect this unit to be the last one to be finished.

Common Areas – The stairwells and hallways are nearly finished. The texture of the old plaster has been difficult to match. We bought every kind of paint texturing products that Lowe’s had to offer, but none of it seemed quite right. This weekend we tried something new – actually something old – that finally worked: corn meal in the paint! After we found this trick we were able to match the texture and now the first floor entrance area is finally free of the last remnants of the former electrical facilities (AKA “Old Sparky”).

Also in the common areas, all but one of the new fire rated doors have been installed and the old trim and transoms have been re-installed in such a way that appeases the Fire Marshal.

The West Virginia book case is in the final design stages. We’re trying to re-use some of the original trim from the building but are having some trouble designing the book case so it can be built completely with the old material.

Lastly, we thought we had better take advantage of the weather and make some improvements on the building’s facade. We cleaned the ugly stained pediment stone and painted the transom over the main entrance. Watch for the Lafayette Flats sign to go up there soon!

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