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February 20, 2014

Filed in: The Renovation

We have (finally!) set the date for our open house: Sunday April 6 from 1:00 until 5:00. We are so very hopeful that all of the folks who have followed us on this blog and on Facebook will join us that day to help us celebrate our project’s completion.

Over the next few weeks we still have a lot of work to do. Here’s where we stand right now:

Flat #1 – Nuttall

Amy has been busily designing and re-designing this flat and is closing in on the

The ancient tub – original to the building – has been
refinished since this photo was taken in October.

final touches. After last minute repainting of the bedroom (the color just wasn’t quite right!) and reordering of some finish items, it is starting to come together nicely. The kitchen is finished, as is 95% of the rest of the flat. In the bathroom, we finally got the 80 year old claw foot bathtub refinished and have received the new vintage-reproduction faucet in the mail. It’s a few wrench turns away from being ready for someone to soak!

Flat #2 – Corten

We made a lot of progress on Corten last week:

  • Drywall is hung and finishing is in progress.
  • We had to remove the old baseboards – because the paint on them defied all of our stripping efforts – and the new oak baseboards have now been installed.
  • Electrical is 95% complete.
  • The bathroom is ready for the tile folks to come back and build the shower and install the floor tile.
  • We had to redesign the kitchen and have come up with what we think it a clever design. More about this later.
Flat #3 – Quinnimont
Quinnimont’s living room


Flat # 4 – Eddy
We’re waiting on a piece of glass for the bathroom door; otherwise
this flat is complete.
Eddy’s kitchen


Common Space
Some touch up painting is still required and a lot of art needs to be hung. The entryway floor needs attention but until the weather straightens up a little we’re unable to do much there. For the most part, though, the common space is finished; except for the “Stair Problem.”
Guests will have their own unique
access code for their flat thanks to
Z-Wave technology.

You see, the stairs in the building are very well-worn. A century of foot traffic, installation and removal of who knows how many different coverings and repeated attempts to secure squeaky steps have left the stairs in pretty bad shape. We’re very preservation-minded and want very much to keep the old stair treads, but they are never going to look as nice as the rest of the building. So we are waiting until all of the other work is done and then decide how we can best finish the floors to make them durable and attractive without removing them. We’ll have more about that later.

OMG, the dust.
We have dust of every variety: 100 year old building dust, coal dust, saw dust, drywall dust and general street dust. Once construction is 100% complete we will be dusting for days and days; probably right up to the moment we open the doors on April 6.


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