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Flattery will get you everywhere

August 26, 2016

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It’s what we live for. Really.

A word cloud made up from our guest’s comments

We love it when our guests are blown away with what they find at Lafayette Flats, and we love it when they tell us about it either in person or in reviews left online. We love it when people recognize how hard we work at cleanliness and use words like “immaculately clean.” We love it when people say “it’s like sleeping in an art gallery” because that is exactly what we tried to create. We love it when people write about the comfort of the spaces and how we have thought of every detail because we work very hard to make our guests feel perfectly at home. And we love, love, love it when people ask us “can I just move in and live here?” because believe it or not, that was a goal that was stated in our business plan when we first came up with the idea for Lafayette Flats.

We also love it when people compare us to a Certain Historic Hotel in a Neighboring County (that we’ll call CHHNC to respect trademarks). This happens more often than we ever dreamed. One of our first guests told us that she had stayed at the CHHNC many times and in her opinion, Lafayette Flats was as luxurious and even cooler because of the art. One recent VRBO review stated categorically that our “Rooms are better than [CHHNC] Resort rooms!” One guest who stayed with us last Bridge Day wrote, “Lafayette Flats is the [CHHNC] of Fayette County!”

Having stayed at the CHHNC a couple of times ourselves, we understand why people make the comparison. Both places are historic and built from cut stone. While Lafayette Flats is far smaller (having about 700 fewer rooms), we think we have a better art collection. And while we don’t have multiple restaurants inside our facility, we do have some of West Virginia’s best locally-owned eateries within walking distance. And though we don’t have a staff to cater to your every whim, we are located in one of the friendliest towns you are ever likely to find. And while we don’t have acres of groomed grass surrounding us, we have this gigantic outdoor playground called the New River Gorge just a short hike away.

As West Virginians, we grew up with the notion that the CHHNC was the crown jewel of the state, and it causes us great pride for Lafayette Flats to be compared so favorably to it.

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  1. Jonathan R Adkins says:

    We love that other property you mention but also love Layette Flats! Fayetteville is so unique and special!

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