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Is “Construction Schedule” an Oxymoron?

September 3, 2013

Filed in: The Renovation

It sure seems that way sometimes. There are so many details that must come together for a construction project to stay on schedule that it sometimes feels like folly to even write down a schedule with milestones and goals.

Framing stood waiting on fire doors
that were 6 weeks overdue!

As we write this, our Lafayette Flats construction schedule is both ahead of and behind schedule. Things that we had hoped to be done last month are still yet to be done, and yet somethings have inexplicably gotten done ahead of time.

The most major delays have been with utilities being connected: We had to upgrade the water service to the building and we’ve been waiting for weeks on the water company to schedule that work. The electric company took its sweet time to install our upgraded electrical service, but they finally got it done last week. There have also been some material delays too, like the special order fire doors that arrived on Friday – approximately 6 weeks behind schedule.

Still, a construction schedule is a necessary component of a successful project. With no schedule, there is always something to distract your attention. You have to have a polar star to keep you moving in the right direction.

Installing a new 2″ water line: An example of
unscheduled work that had to be added in
to ensure a quality experience for guests.

Our polar star ever since we started this project has been Bridge Day. We want very badly to be open for Bridge Day weekend so people will be able to stay at Lafayette Flats for Fayetteville’s biggest party of the year. As of this writing, we’re still committed to it, but we really need for everything else to come together flawlessly if we’re going to make it.

Our team is working hard, smart and long to meet our goal. We’ve encountered a bunch of snags that required creative workarounds, but thankfully we’ve had creative people with the necessary skills to handle it. We can’t say enough good things about the skills of Porter Jarrard – who we originally recruited to do plumbing, but who quickly evolved into our master tactician and logistics coordinator. Porter’s love of old buildings is being put to the test by our stone, concrete and steel fortress, but so far he’s been up to the challenge.

OK, well that’s enough writing – time to get back to work!

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