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Shocking Photo!

January 7, 2014

Filed in: The Renovation

Looking back at some of our “before” photos, we were struck at some of the major changes that have taken place over the past 6 months. This photo in particular evokes strong feelings for us. This old electrical system competed for room in the narrow stairwell that serves as Lafayette Flats main entrance. The former tenants called it “Old Sparky” because it did on a regular basis!

Of course, this old system was completely bypassed by the new service and the building now has 5 separate electrical systems – one for each flat and one for the offices downstairs. And the old hardware has long since been removed, leaving nothing but a bare wall.

On the opposite wall of this space will soon be a visitor’s center where Lafayette Flats guests can get and leave messages and find out about all of the activities that await them in the NRG and beyond.

We’re designing a tile floor for the entry way and just ordered a new mortise lock that will fit the hundred year-old front door and provide guests with keyless access to the building.

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