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The Waiting Ends

June 22, 2013

It seems like a lot longer, but two months and eight days after we made an offer on the building, it is finally ours. We closed this morning and after treating our lawyer to a “thank you” lunch at Chetty’s, we spent the rest of the day measuring and having our first opportunity to get close up looks at some of the nooks and crannies that we will no doubt become very familiar with over the next few months. We’ll begin ordering materials soon and have already started talking to the subcontractors who will be doing the major work.

We also had a chance to spend a little time meeting a few more great local Fayetteville folks. We love the warm reception we’ve been getting and it’s encouraging to hear that so many people are aware of our project. It’s doubly special when we meet people who have been following Lafayette Flats on Facebook and/or this blog!

We’ll be around on the weekends for the next several weeks. Feel free to stop by and say hello!

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