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A Quick Update

August 15, 2013

Filed in: The Renovation

Wow, it’s been busy at Lafayette Flats. So busy that we hadn’t even realized that it’s been nearly two weeks since we’ve posted. We have to do better! Here’s a start:

Crazy construction activity has been going on. Not a lot of photogenic things to show you, but lots of work going on. Things like drilling holes for electrical and plumbing, framing up some interior partitions and nailing blocking into place all take a lot of effort but don’t look too impressive in photos. But ask anyone who has been inside the building – a lot of work is happening.

Our construction schedule is aggressive and we are really leaning forward trying to keep away from those inevitable delays, but they sometimes still find us. Right now we are waiting on both the water and electric companies to come and hook up our new and improved services. Hopefully, these will both be done by early next week.

Rock Star plumber Porter Jarrard

Waste plumbing is making some real progress thanks to Porter Jarrard’s commitment to help us stay on schedule. He’s been working overtime and weekends to help us meet our goal. He is a creative, smart and has a ton of experience with old buildings. We are very fortunate to have him as part of our team.

Roger Prevette continues to work on the inside electrical wiring even though he has nothing to hook it up to yet. Right now he is working on Flat #3, and once he figures out all of the nuances of running wires through the building’s concrete and steel construction he will start on the others.

Next week our HVAC installer will be onsite, which means we should soon have air conditioning in case summer shows back up.

Lots of deliveries means that lots of work is happening inside!

We’ve made decisions on lots of interior finishes and fixtures and we look forward to showing you those in future blog posts.

We’re looking forward to getting the walls and ceilings buttoned back up so the drywall finishers can do their thing. Once that’s done it will be painting time. That’s when the old building will start to look like something again and that is when we’ll be featuring some nice photos.

Stay tuned!

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