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What a week!

August 3, 2013

Filed in: The Renovation

This past week saw a lot of activity at Lafayette Flats.

  • Our electrician, RDP Electrical, made good headway on getting the new electrical service installed. The meter bases and all of the load centers are set and hooked up. Next will be the inspection and then we wait on the power company to hook us up.
  • Plumber and all-around go-to guy, Porter Jarrard. got cooking on the new gas lines and made some headway on drain lines. We rented a heavy drill and got some holes bored for toilets and showers.
  • Oh yeah, we secured a primo tile guy to do our showers. He’ll do his work in stages, the first being getting the shower Flat 3 built so we can gut the bathroom we’ve been using while staying there on weekends.
  • The roof replacement got underway despite the rain showers. A nice Friday helped them finish up on Saturday before the rain showers hit. We shouldn’t have to worry about leaks anymore.
  • We finally got our HVAC order placed and have a delivery date for materials. This means we can get our HVAC installer scheduled and maybe have some more comfortable interior temperatures soon.
  • The basement is drying out! Just a couple of wet spots remain and it smells much better.


Unfortunately, not all of the activity was good:

  • It seems that a supplier has dropped the ball on a rather crucial long-lead-time material order. It was the very first thing we ordered after we closed because we knew that its delivery time was so important.
  • The water company finally made an appearance and let us know that they won’t install our upgraded water service in the same location as the old one, so we’ll have to dig a trench and repave after the line is laid. Not good news. It means more money, time and inconvenience.


Ah well, that’s just how it goes sometimes with construction. We’ll adjust and move forward.

This week should see some real progress on plumbing and the completion of most of the framing. Hopefully, a successful electrical inspection will lead to the power company scheduling our new service hook up.

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