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Bridge Day has come an gone and we are still hard at work trying to get the place ready for guests. We thought we’d give a status report to bring everyone up to speed: Overall Progress – If we had to estimate, we’re probably about 5 weeks behind schedule, but we’re trying to resist the […]

With only 2 weeks before Bridge Day it has become obvious that we’re not going to achieve our original goal of being open for guests to stay with us for the big party. Quinnimont should be done by Bridge Day and Nuttall shouldn’t be too far behind, but there is just too much to overcome to get all […]

It sure seems that way sometimes. There are so many details that must come together for a construction project to stay on schedule that it sometimes feels like folly to even write down a schedule with milestones and goals. Framing stood waiting on fire doors that were 6 weeks overdue! As we write this, our Lafayette […]

More from Lafayette Flat official historian, Carl McLaughlin: As mentioned in my first blog entry, Antonio Gros Janutolo was awarded the contract for the building of the “Stone Building” (Lafayette Flats) by Dr. M.M. Malcolm in August 1904. Antonio began his life in America as an immigrant Italian but became a naturalized citizen in September […]

Naming Lafayette Flats came easy to us, but we’ve struggled with naming the individual flats. Old mine town names felt too lonely; local celebrity names already garner plenty of attention, and names of natural elements don’t quite capture the spirit of the Gorge. In an effort to respect the past while looking toward the future, […]

Flat No. 2, Corten

We hear it all the time. Friends who maybe have caught a whiff of Lafayette Flats on our personal Facebook pages often don’t grasp the concept. After running into yet another of these friends last night, we decided to write a post that explains vacation rentals in general, and how ours will work particularly: First, the […]

Last month we promised an update on the local artist and art collector’s offer to help us cover the walls of Lafayette Flats with original, local art, and here it is: Mark Tobin Moore Mark Tobin Moore and his wife Donna Whitten have become friends of the highest order to Lafayette Flats, and by extension to all […]

Wow, it’s been busy at Lafayette Flats. So busy that we hadn’t even realized that it’s been nearly two weeks since we’ve posted. We have to do better! Here’s a start: Crazy construction activity has been going on. Not a lot of photogenic things to show you, but lots of work going on. Things like drilling holes […]

This past week saw a lot of activity at Lafayette Flats. Our electrician, RDP Electrical, made good headway on getting the new electrical service installed. The meter bases and all of the load centers are set and hooked up. Next will be the inspection and then we wait on the power company to hook us […]

We’ve shown a couple of pictures on Facebook of the two dumpsters worth of stuff we took out of the basement. As we write this a third dumpster is being loaded with the last of the junk. The untold story is that in addition to the forty-two cubic yards of trash we removed from the basement, […]

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